It's finally time to pre-order your 2005-2015 ‘A Decade in the JFRD’ memorial book.

A few important facts:

The company that is publishing this work deals primarily with High Schools, so some of the questions are geared toward that. You should choose “Other” as the role you are, when prompted.

* Your yearbook costs $65.00. Payment will be through the website at the time of order.

* You’ll need to purchase your copy by May 19 in order for it to be in the initial shipping. All pre-orders will arrive near the end of June at one location (not your school!) and be available for pickup either as individuals listed or as a station. Following May 19, all orders will be shipped to the address of your choosing for the same price, plus shipping and handling. 

* All purchasing and ordering is done through the Tree Ring website at the provided address, and can be done either individually or as a group. Currently, there is no price difference between single or bulk orders but after the pre-order period, each order will have the same shipping and handling cost, regardless of how many books are on the order, so if stations bundle their order, the single S&H will save money.

Get started by clicking on this link:

The name for the organization in the system is Jacksonville Association of Firefighters, but the Union is not responsible for this yearbook, so don’t call them if you have questions. That system just required a placeholder company name.

If you need help, please contact

Also, we will begin sending out portraits to the email addresses provided. It will take a little time to get everybody's out, so please bear with us, but so long as an email was given to us, we'll make sure you get it.


The Yearbook Editorial Staff