Members Profiles

Beginning in March, 2014, that and all subsequent profiles will be downloadable as PDF files.
Adobe reader is necessary to view them. It is a free download and quite common because it takes up less space and bandwidth for us to do this.
When you click the download icon, you will go directly to the download page. Be sure to uncheck the Google Toolbar and Google Chrome browser add ons located in the middle box before downloading.

Jim White    
Darryl Dyal Ted Copeland Keith Woods
Frank Matthews Stan Crosby George Thornton

Joe Smith

Rob Sorensen

Garry Griffin

Billy Sands

Linda Treadwell

Cozzie Roberts


Robert Tarkington

Buddy Harris

Emory Holsenbeck


Bill Sallette

Harvey Royal

Bobby DeWitt


Tommy Clayton

Captain Ressie Taylor

Steve Gers


Chief Harold Collins

Richard Miller

Chief George Smith


John Usry

Chief Bill Parks

George Treadwell


Harmon "Sparky" Williams

William "BILL" Pate

Steve Gerbert